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Berger Kahn Associates Volunteer as Attorney Scorers at the CRF-OC 2023 Mock Trial Competition

(filed under: In The News | November 22, 2023)

This November, Associates Carter Irwin, Walker Macon, Madeline Ong, Rebecca Rogers, and Corbin Smith continued their work with the Constitutional Rights Foundation Orange County (CRF-OC), a local nonprofit dedicated to educating local youths on civics and American law. Our firm has actively volunteered with the CRF-OC’s Mock Trial Competition since 2014, which draws over 900 students from local high schools. Carter, Walker, Madeline, Rebecca, and Corbin participated in this event as volunteer attorney scorers. As scorers, they were assigned the task of evaluating individual and group student performances and scoring each round of the trial. The goal of Mock Trial is to assist high school students in cultivating their passion and understanding of the law via hypothetical court cases.

On what he noticed most about the students in the Mock Trial, Carter states that their “knowledge of courtroom procedure and quick use of relevant objections” impressed him. It was also apparent to him that the students were very “committed to their role” and that they “spent a lot of time preparing.” Walker, Berger Kahn’s newest Senior Associate, remarked that it was great to work with the CFR-OC’s “talented students” again and that their ability to combine “their knowledge of the facts, the applicable law, and the rules of evidence” in their competition has always made an impression on him. Berger Kahn strives to support these aspiring students who are interested in a career in law.

Earlier this year on April 20, 2023, Berger Kahn was recognized by the CRF-OC as Law Firm of the Year at the Mock Trial Annual Awards Reception, and was honored to accept the award. We are excited to continue our support of this organization in the future!