Writs and Appeals

With substantial writ and appeal experience in a wide variety of contexts, Berger Kahn’s appellate attorneys are well-positioned for their work on Writs and Appeals. The experience typically results in practical and plain-spoken briefs that tend to be heavy on analysis and light on legalese.

Writs include:

  • Hayward v. Superior Court, 2 Cal. App. 5th 10 (2016)
  • Continental Cas. Co. v. Superior Court, 92 Cal. App. 4th 430 (2001)

Appeals include:

  • Underwriters of Interest Subscribing to Policy No. A15274001 v. ProBuilders Specialty Ins. Co., 241 Cal. App. 4th 721 (2015)
  • EQUUS Prods. v. TRUCK Ins. Exch., B185357, 2006 Cal. App. Unpub. LEXIS 10082 (Nov. 6, 2006)
  • Lomes v. Hartford Fin. Servs. Grp., 88 Cal. App. 4th 127 (2001)

Most businesses will eventually be faced with appellate proceedings. Berger Kahn combines a simple and effective writing style with strong analytical skills and a wealth of courtroom experience to give any appellate level litigant a good chance of success.

Whether the writ needs to be filed right away or the appeal is just getting started, Berger Kahn has the right team of lawyers to get the job done. We work on appellate matters that involve insurance issues, employment issues, procedural issues, liability issues, or special situations.

Contact Writs and Appeals leader David Ezra to learn more.