Bad Faith

We bring unrivaled knowledge about insurance claims to each Bad Faith suit we defend. With over three decades of experience in defending insurance carriers in all aspects of first-party and third-party bad faith litigation, Berger Kahn specializes in a wide variety of suits arising from homeowners, automobile and commercial policies. Our expertise extends to handling bad faith cases arising out of arson, fraud, suspect uninsured motorist claims and duty-to-defend matters.
As highly successful and aggressive trial attorneys, we’re proud of the number of jury trials we have taken to verdict – and we are proud of our results.
Our Bad Faith practice group has three main objectives:
  • To tailor case plans according to clients’ needs. We supply early assessment of claims handling and an honest evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of each case.
  • To streamline costs and keep quality high. We create a customized litigation strategy that includes a discovery plan designed for maximum impact on the case. Upon request, we provide clients with a well-researched estimate of legal costs at the outset of litigation.
  • To efficiently employ all of the firm’s resources. Utilizing a sophisticated computer network, we integrate new knowledge and leverage existing data to eliminate duplication. We have an extensive library of deposition and trial transcripts of the Bad Faith “experts” most nominated by plaintiffs’ counsel.
Because of all we have done and all we stand for, Berger Kahn is among the few firms both feared and respected by the plaintiffs’ Bar. We confidently invite future clients to contact our existing clients and ask them about Berger Kahn. We’re certain the result will be a strong vote of confidence.