Class Actions

Class Action lawsuits have increased exponentially. Similarly, litigation involving aggregated claims has risen dramatically. The days when only big businesses had to worry about Class Action lawsuits are long gone.

Today, even very small businesses can face Class Action litigation. Lawsuits involving large numbers of claimants or potential claimants also involve unique procedural hurdles and opportunities. An experienced team of attorneys is essential to help companies accurately navigate successful resolution of what can easily become “bet the company” litigation.

For over three decades across many different types of cases, Berger Kahn has successfully represented clients of every size in connection with Class Action litigation. Our attorneys will work with the client to help develop an understanding of the class action process. We will work to develop a litigation or settlement strategy that encompasses the client’s best interests. In addition, we identify strategy objectives as early as possible. Our attorneys work closely with clients to assess the risk/reward calculus of the available strategies so that the path to a successful outcome can be charted as quickly as possible.

Whether you are involved with a complicated business Class Action, a consumer Class Action, or a wage and hour employment Class Action Berger Kahn attorneys can serve as valuable counselors and aggressive advocates on your behalf throughout the process.