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Ventura County Star Features Managing Partner Craig Simon on Newly Revealed Criminal Investigation in Woolsey Fire

(filed under: In The News | July 17, 2020)

Managing Partner Craig Simon was quoted after new details emerged in the ongoing Woolsey Fire litigation, that a criminal investigation of Southern California Edison has been initiated and a grand jury impaneled.

Simon serves as co-lead counsel representing insurance companies suing Southern California Edison in the wake of the 97,000-acre Woolsey Fire in Simi Valley in 2018.

Said the Ventura County Star:

“Plaintiffs’ attorneys Craig Simon, Lexi Hazam and Alexander Robertson said they were shocked when [Judge] Highberger indicated a grand jury had been convened. All three were participants in Wednesday’s virtual hearing and said the court transcript accurately reflects the real-time conversation.

‘I would say from everything I heard on the record it appears that there has been grand jury involvement,’ said Simon, co-lead counsel representing insurance companies.

Simon and the other attorneys said they were surprised further when [the] state prosecutor…did not refute what [Judge] Highberger said [about the existence of a grand jury].”

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