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“Switching Gears on E-bike Insurance Coverage: The Wheels of the Policies Keep Turning” Article Published in Reuters

(filed under: In The News | June 24, 2022)

An article written by Berger Kahn attorneys Erin Ezra, Mallory Yumol, and Brennan Lund titled “Switching gears on e-bike insurance coverage: The wheels of the policies keep turning” was published in Westlaw Today, a part of Thomson Reuters Corporation, on June 23, 2022.

The article explores whether liabilities relating to e-bike accidents could be covered under homeowners or auto policies if policyholders neglect to buy e-bike insurance.

Erin Ezra, Mallory Yumol, and Brennan Lund caution that auto policies may not provide coverage for e-bike-related liabilities if the policies restrict coverage to insured vehicles listed on the policy or exclude coverage for vehicles with less than four wheels. Additionally, homeowners policies often exclude damages arising out of the use of a “motor vehicle,” which might exclude e-bikes depending on how “motor vehicle” is defined in the policy or under state-specific laws. Read more…

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