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Associated Press Highlights Craig Simon of Berger Kahn as “Key Negotiator” in $2.2B Settlement

(filed under: In The News | January 25, 2021)

Subrogation Leadership in the Woolsey fire successfully finalized a $2.2 billion settlement between Southern California Edison (“SCE”) and over 100 subrogation insurance plaintiffs and other holders of Woolsey fire claims. The AP quoted Managing Partner Craig Simon, saying “This was a group effort by a lot of talented subrogation counsel. I was happy to be selected to a leadership position on the subrogation track for the Woolsey Fire Cases, working alongside other smart and hardworking counsel who worked as a team. Subrogation and Individual Leadership also worked very well together on liability issues, to bring about this result. I believe this subrogation settlement will lead to a global settlement protocol in Woolsey, between SCE and individuals.” Read more…