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Santa Barbara News Press: Doctor Takes Plea Deal – Three Families Represented by Berger Kahn Partner

(filed under: In The News | December 27, 2013)

A Santa Barbara doctor, sued in civil court by Partner Rich Collins, is anticipated to come to a plea agreement with federal prosecutors.

Says Angel Pacheco of the News Press:

“Two families of late patients have filed medical malpractice lawsuits against Mr. Diaz, and a third family has served him with a notice that he will be sued in connection to a third death, said attorney Rich Collins, who is representing the three families.

Mr. Collins filed another medical malpractice lawsuit against Mr. Diaz a week ago today for Courtney Canter, a 27-year-old former patient of Mr. Diaz who is alive but facing various medical complications.

A friend referred Ms. Canter to Mr. Diaz in 2009 for chronic back and leg pain she was experiencing, according to Mr. Collins. Mr. Diaz put her on a treatment plan that lasted until his arrest and left her addicted to painkillers.”

Says Rich Collins of the developments in the cases facing Dr. Diaz, “People seeking relief from pain should not fall victim to greedy doctors and pharmacies who too often prey upon these patients for their own profit.”