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Principal Dave Ezra featured on CRE Radio “Lease Insurance Clauses”

(filed under: In The News | April 24, 2013)

CRE Radio features Berger Kahn’s Dave Ezra on the topic of “Lease Insurance Clauses – Who and What do they Protect.” Listen live 4/26 at 12PST! The show will also be archived and playable online after April 28.

This show is a primer for landlords, tenants, property managers, lease administrators and anyone else who deals with commercial leases and the insurance provisions typically found in those leases.

Insurance provisions in leases are the least negotiated and understood provisions in commercial leases. Even the attorneys often say, “it’s a typical insurance provision.”  But what do those insurance provisions really mean?  Who do they protect and who might they harm and once the lease is signed, is there anything that the landlord or tenant need to do to make sure that the insurance provisions are fully enforceable and effective? Does a landlord really need a certificate of insurance from the tenant’s insurance carrier and what if any benefit does the landlord get from being named an additional insured?

Join featured guests, Ira Meislik and David Ezra, two noted experts, who will answer these and other questions during this, highly informative radio show featuring two of the most knowledgeable and articulate experts in this cross between commercial lease and insurance law.