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“Pre-Litigation Settlement Just Got A Lot More Demanding” Article Published in the Daily Journal

(filed under: In The News | January 6, 2023)

On January 5, 2023, Shareholder David Ezra and Associate Jamil Shaaban were featured in the Daily Journal for their article titled, “Pre-Litigation Settlement Just Got A Lot More Demanding.” Here, they discussed the recent implementation of SB 1155, a new California law that imposed stricter requirements on pre-litigated time limited settlement demands, and its effects.

To be considered a valid demand under this new law, SB 1155’s provisions require that generally demands must remain open for at least 30 days, starting from when the demand was transmitted, contain a provision that releases all insureds from all present and future liability for the incident, and settle all claims within policy limits, including all liens.

Learn more about other requirements under SB 1155 and its impacts on insurance law in David and Jamil’s article here.