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Partner Rich Collins quoted in ABC7 on Prescription Medication Wrongful Death Case

(filed under: In The News | May 9, 2014)

In the wave of wrongful death and medical malpractice cases against doctors and pain clinics, Partner Rich Collins of Berger Kahn helps to bring light to this important topic. Quoted in the recent ABC7 story, Rich Collins shares his insight as he works to bring justice for the families he serves.

“Rich Collins with the law firm Berger Kahn is representing Tabatha’s family, as well as the Huggard and Rivas families in their civil lawsuits against Petraglia. [Says Collins] ‘We are gathering all available records and interviewing all known witnesses to determine just how Dr. Petraglia’s treatment extinguished the young, vibrant life of Tabatha Salo. Based upon the medical board’s extraordinary action taken last year against Dr. Petraglia, and again last month, as well as the number of other cases we are handling for victims of Dr. Petraglia’s overprescribing of inherently dangerous narcotics, we expect to prove that Dr. Petraglia’s care for Tabatha fell below the applicable medical standards. Through this process, we hope to achieve justice for Tabatha’s family and honor the life of Tabatha,’ said Collins in a written statement to Eyewitness News.” Read more…