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Partner David Ezra Featured on Podcast “Latte with a Lawyer”

(filed under: In The News | May 19, 2024)


On April 29, 2024, Partner David Ezra was featured on the podcast “Latte with a Lawyer”, hosted by Jonathan Brickman. This podcast delves deep into the legal profession, interviewing leading attorneys across the nation.  Discussions consist of attorneys’ backgrounds in the legal field, their current job roles, and tactics for success in making an impact in their dedicated profession.

In this episode, David discusses his specific role at Berger Kahn as well as what inspired him to take on this career path. He details the insurance practice at this law firm, and shares his advice for aspiring and newer lawyers. David is an avid baseball fan and amateur historian, and a good part of this podcast addresses a book David published on baseball and steroids – Asterisk: Home Runs, Steroids, and the Rush to Judgment (Triumph Books, 2008 (Foreword by Mike Schmidt)).

Click to listen to the podcast.