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Orange County Register Column Features Principal David Ezra on Recent High-Profile Cycling Confession

(filed under: In The News | January 19, 2013)

Principal David Ezra was interviewed for the Orange County Register column “Armstrong interview reveals man without value” by columnist David Whiting on the Lance Armstrong confession.  Ezra is the author of the 2008 doping book, Asterisk: Home Runs, Steroids, and the Rush to Judgment.

Below is a blurb from David Whiting’s column:

“…Like many, Ezra and I walked away from Armstrong’s televised performance shaking our heads. Ezra puts the interview this way: “It was all about me, me, me.”

Ezra says for resurrection, Armstrong faces two enormous problems. One is how long he waited before showing contrition.

Armstrong’s second and larger problem, as Ezra sees it, is “the viciousness he had going after people. I can’t think of any athlete who even comes close…”

Read the full column at the Register’s website.