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“Maximizing Protection”— Article by Partner Erin Ezra, and Associates Nandita Nayyar and Miles Dawson Published in Reuters

(filed under: In The News | October 18, 2021)

Attorney Analysis “Maximizing protection: risky business, exposed assets, and insurance coverage” was published in Westlaw Today, a part of Thomson Reuters Corporation, on October 15, 2021. Thomson Reuters is one of the world’s leading sources of news and information.

In the article, Erin Ezra, Nandita Nayyar, and Miles Dawson emphasize the importance of obtaining the proper insurance protection for businesses, especially for new businesses that might not have the financial means to cover unexpected liabilities.

They write that businesses must “[think] ahead to unplanned (and admittedly unlikely) incidents that could create liabilities,” as one occurrence could potentially lead to the downfall of a new business. The article evaluates an example of one unlikely exposure: a business’ liability for an employee’s negligent driving, and how one can easily avoid major financial failures given the right guidance and insurance coverage. Read more…