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Los Angeles Daily Journal Awards Craig Simon California Lawyer Attorney of the Year 2021

(filed under: In The News | March 22, 2021)

Managing Partner has been recognized by the Daily Journal for the California Lawyer Attorney of the Year Award for his work as Co-Lead Counsel for the subrogation plaintiffs in the Woolsey $2.2 billion settlement.

The California Lawyer Attorney of the Year award recognizes attorneys for their significant achievements within specialized areas of law.

Says the Daily Journal, “Wildfires are nothing new to Simon, Ochoa, Pickett, Maycon and Caine, a quintet of veteran litigators with deep expertise in recovering from those responsible for causing major forest conflagrations the funds paid to policyholders by their insurance company clients…”

The Daily Journal continues by quoting Simon, “‘We’ve been around the block a few times,’ Simon said. ‘It’s been an interesting ride representing the top property insurers in the state.'”

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