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Jay Shaaban Wins Gold at Dubai Negotiation Competition

(filed under: In The News | November 12, 2019)

On November 9th, 2019, Berger Kahn law clerk, Jay Shaaban, led Chapman University’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) team to the United Arab Emirates to take part in ADR ODR International’s Dubai Negotiation Competition. The competition consisted of four rounds that rigorously tested students’ abilities to cross-culturally negotiate, critically strategize, and improvise on the spot. Participants were given minimal notice and were tasked with several responsibilities: preparing and executing negotiation strategies with the goal of settling complex disputes or crafting mutually beneficial agreements. Of the 16 competing teams, Jay and his team came out with the gold medal! This is the team’s 2nd consecutive gold medal from an international competition, the 1st being at the Singapore Mediation Competition in August earlier this year. Congrats Jay!