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Nandita Nayyar Joins Orange County Bar Foundation Associate Board

(filed under: | December 8, 2021)

On the evening of December 2, 2021, David and Erin Ezra, Jess Nerren, Nandita Nayyar, and Jamie Rice attended Project Youth Orange County Bar Foundation’s (OCBF) annual meeting and Society of Fellows recognition reception.

At the event, Associate Nandita (Nan) Nayyar was sworn into the OCBF Associate Board—joining Erin, who is also a board member. It was heartwarming to see the new inductees at the ceremony, eager to join OCBF’s mission, and support the professional dreams of at-risk youth.

We can’t wait to see more students in our community thrive, and the Associate Board efforts that make that happen. Congratulations, Nan!