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Jay Shaaban Speaks to Palmdale High School AVID Students

(filed under: | April 26, 2021)

On Wednesday, April 14, associate Jay Shaaban spoke at his alma mater Palmdale High School for AVID—a college prep program which he participated in throughout his high school career.

AVID is a nonprofit organization that aims to close the opportunity gap and prepare all students for higher education, through resources such as college and scholarship application guidance. AVID trains 85,000 educators annually to help provide academic support for students.

Jay, along with other alumni, spoke to several classes about their academic and professional journeys that all began at Palmdale. As a first-generation college student, Jay shared how he managed to afford college, and what motivated him toward achieving his goals. He hoped to provide assurance and comfort for high school students who are currently in a similar position, and afraid for their futures.

Before COVID, Jay would regularly return to Palmdale high school to provide mentorship and guidance to students, and he hopes to continue giving back to his high school community in the years to come.