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Jay Shaaban Participates in Tulane Law School’s Professional Football Negotiation Competition

(filed under: | February 20, 2020)

On January 24 and 25, 2020, Law Clerk Jay Shaaban participated in Tulane Law School’s annual Professional Football Negotiation Competition in New Orleans. In this simulated negotiation, 48 teams from across the country negotiated the contracts for 6 NFL players. The competition aims to provide participants with the opportunity to improve their negotiation skills and understanding of NFL contracts, requiring a strong understanding of the mechanics of NFL collective bargaining agreements and NFL contracts.

In preparation for the competition, Jay’s team analyzed their received set of confidential objectives and strategized the best possible arguments to meet them, weeks before the competition at Tulane. Jay and his team were able to get invaluable real-life experience by working with experts in the industry — NFL agents and team representatives.