Community Involvement

Berger Kahn Attorneys Volunteer with UCI Law

(filed under: | March 3, 2022)

In February 2022, Berger Kahn attorneys Nandita “Nan” Nayyar and Mallory Yumol volunteered as justices in UC Irvine School of Law’s 2021-2022 Moot Court Competition.

This year’s oral arguments centered on Dale Root v. Tim Holpart, a fictional Ninth Circuit case concerning First Amendment jurisprudence related to speech and media. UCI Law students argued before a panel of justices whether a permanent injunction, which prohibited statements the trial court adjudicated to be defamatory and libelous, violates the First Amendment.

The competition’s preliminary rounds took place over Zoom, where Nan and Mallory observed and carefully scored law students’ presentations— taking presentation, advocacy ability, knowledge of the case, quality of argument, and effectiveness in answering questions and responding to opposing counsel’s arguments into consideration.

Berger Kahn is proud to volunteer with UCI Law on a regular basis, watching the rising stars of the next generation of legal professionals firsthand.