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California Globe Highlights Managing Partner Craig Simon’s $2.2B Settlement With SCE

(filed under: In The News | February 1, 2021)

California Globe featured the $2.2B settlement with Managing Partner and Southern California Edison.

Says the California Globe, “Many wildfire victims, while placated with the settlement, have expressed disdain toward the company for not accepting full responsibility over the fire.

‘They are not being a responsible company if they don’t take responsibility for their actions,’ said Antonio Diaz, whose daughter nearly lost her life in the Woolsey Fire, to the Globe. ‘They’re acting like those people who do a hit and run, then settle out of court so that their name doesn’t go in the paper. Only thing with Edison is that this is known, but they aren’t taking the stock or insurance hit by saying they were at fault.

‘My daughter barely left her house in time a few years back and lost a lot of things, including a car. Others weren’t that lucky and people died. This sort of thing doesn’t exactly endear you to companies now, does it? A lot of victims feel this way. The money is expected, but an apology and responsibility is what a lot of us really want. Accountability.’

However, lawyers for the plaintiffs noted that the settlement would be given soon.

‘I believe this subrogation settlement will lead to a global settlement protocol in Woolsey, between SCE and individuals,’ explained plaintiff co-lead counsel Craig S. Simon of Berger Kahn.”

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