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Berger Kahn Mentioned in PRovoke Media Article on Diversity Equity Inclusion in the Workplace

(filed under: In The News | November 22, 2021)

The article “Neurodiversity In PR: From Kryptonite To Superpower” goes into detail about neurodiversity in the workplace, and Berger Kahn was mentioned in the article.

Says PRovoke Media, “Nerren [is the] PR and marketing director at US law firm Berger Kahn, and a long-time publicist for an autism non-profit in California. She also has a son with autism.”

The article discusses how workplaces can not only be diverse but also neurodiverse, asking, “So could this academic work improve the PR industry’s ability to understand and embrace neurodivergent people, helping them succeed?
‘…Absolutely,’ [Nerren] says. ‘This was made to carry over to commercial settings, as it comes from the communications concept of show, don’t tell.’

Nerren believes the future is looking much brighter for neurodivergent people: ‘There is this population of individuals with autism where they are coming into adulthood having had amazing inclusion opportunities their whole lives and are already accomplishing amazing things…there’s an opportunity to elevate their voices in powerful ways, and make that shift from deficit to asset.'” Read more…