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Berger Kahn Attorneys’ Insurance Article Featured on Reuters and Westlaw Today

(filed under: In The News | July 23, 2021)

On Friday, July 23, Partner Erin Ezra and Associates Jamie Rice and Jamil (“Jay”) Shaaban were published in Reuters’ Attorney Analysis Column, as well as the Reuters-powered legal news website Westlaw Today.  Reuters is a global news network, founded nearly 170 years ago, and is known for its journalistic integrity and un-biased reporting.  The article, titled “Your Uber is Here: Which Auto Insurance Goes Along for the Ride?” addresses the novel, complex grey areas involved in determining rideshare drivers’ coverage when they are involved in accidents.

In an age where ridesharing apps have become commonplace among Americans, insurance companies and courts are moving fast to meet this rising industry and the issues arising from accidents that occur while using ridesharing apps.  While the prior standard for insurance policies was to include “carry for a fee” exclusions, the evolving market of rideshare technology has forced companies to adapt.

In their article, Erin, Jamie, and Jay address the recently implemented “periods” outlined by rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft, which determine the various levels of coverage for a driver — depending on the timing and status of the accident.

Although the intricacies can be difficult to navigate, “Your Uber is Here: Which Auto Insurance Goes Along for the Ride?” provides attorneys and insurance professionals with an easily digestible description of the most up-to-date legal understanding of today’s convenience-bound ridesharing programs.

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