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Berger Kahn Article on “Instrumentality” Exclusions published in Reuters

(filed under: In The News | March 7, 2022)

On Friday, March 4, 2022, the article “When insurance policies are not in concert: the sad song of instrumentality exceptions” was published on Reuters’ website. The article was written by attorneys Erin Mindoro Ezra, Nandita Nayyar, and Walker Macon.

When preparing for the unexpected, it is important to understand whether liabilities arising from certain devices—such as a motor vehicle or watercraft— are barred from coverage and if so, by which policy. The answer is not always so obvious. In the article, Berger Kahn attorneys break down the complicated application of “instrumentality exclusions” in determining insurance coverage, citing relevant case law and employing easy-to-follow examples. Read more…