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Avvo Guides Features Berger Kahn Attorney Kent Clayton in “Three Common Myths of Self Incorporation”

(filed under: In The News | September 2, 2014)

Berger Kahn attorney Kent Clayton was featured in Avvo for a new business law column debunking three myths of incorporation, including self-incorporation pitfalls, issuing securities to outside business investors and the false allure of an out-of-state incorporation.

Author Kent Clayton says about self-incorporation, “So you’ve finally decided to form your corporation or LLC using one of those on-line, do-it-yourself incorporation companies. And you’ve gotten $10,000 each from your aunt in Texas and your brother-in-law in New York to get you started. So all you need to do is pay the incorporation fees and fill in a couple of stock certificates for yourself and them and away you go, right? Unfortunately, if you do that, you have likely violated federal and state securities laws. Keeping in mind these few common myths will help you set up your corporation right the first time.” Read more in Avvo Legal Guides…