6th Annual Wildland Fire Litigation Conference

(filed under: Events | April 21, 2012)

Berger Kahn Managing Partner Craig Simon will speak on “Subrogation Issues in Wildland Fire Litigation” during the 6th Annual Wildland Fire Litigation Conference, Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 2 p.m. at the Woodlake Hotel in Sacramento, CA.

The event program includes five hours of fires investigations, nine hours of forensics, eight hours of legal issues and eight hours of appraisals, damages and environmental restorations.

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Wildland Fire Litigation is a lively “niche” litigation practice which has been growing in importance and economic impact in the last twenty years. Over $2 billion in damages are at stake in the San Diego Fires Litigation alone. Likewise, 1,500+ homes were burned in last year’s Bastrop Fires (South East of Austin, Texas). Many categories of damages (i.e., loss of FMV of real and personal property, mitigation and restoration costs, income loss, credit record damage, etc.) as well as common and exotic legal issues which regularly confront counsel who prosecute and defend these actions will be discussed in depth at the conference.

Event attendees will include wildland fire investigators, forensics experts, fire fighting and prevention personnel, plaintiff, defense, subrogation, government, utility and insurance attorneys, public utility personnel, appraisers and environmental damage appraisers, Department of Forestry personnel (California and Oregon), USFS, BLM, tree inspection and tree trimming contractors, insurance adjustors and insurance subrogation managers, arborists, foresters and academics.