Writs and Appeals

Trial courts and juries can sometimes make mistakes, and, in almost every case, the party that loses thinks the trial court or jury made a mistake. This means that almost every business will eventually find itself involved in appellate proceedings. With no ability to cross-examine witnesses, appellate lawyers have to work with paper and books to convince appellate justices of the validity of their client’s cause.

In addition to a substantial trial practice that offers insight into the practical aspects of everyday litigation that are ultimately scrutinized under the appellate microscope, Berger Kahn has briefed and argued hundreds of writs and appeals over the last several decades.

We have handled appellate matters ranging in importance from leading decisions that will affect entire industries to narrow procedural issues that effect one client on a single aspect of an individual case. In every instance, the goal is to provide the client with the highest quality legal services, tempered with sound practical advice and the wisdom of experience.

• Berger Kahn’s appellate attorneys are widely respected for their legal knowledge, quality of research, and writing ability.

• Berger Kahn has successfully represented clients in a wide array of cases that have resulted in many published opinions.

• With ready access to so many experienced trial attorneys, Berger Kahn’s appellate attorneys are uniquely positioned to provide appellate justices with a sense of significance and balance for the events that transpired in the trial court. This usually results in briefs that make significant arguments based on actual practicalities of trial work, not merely academic arguments that are detached from the day-to-day work of attorneys and judges.

Whether the writ needs to be filed today or the appeal is just getting started, Berger Kahn has the right team of lawyers to get the job done. Whether the case involves insurance issues, employment issues, procedural issues, or liability issues, we have the ability to provide sound advice and representation in connection with the issues you confront after the trial court has made its decision.