Examinations Under Oath

It’s more important than ever for insurance companies to promptly pay claims that are owed and to detect claims that should not be paid.

At Berger Kahn, we recognize the importance of handling claims on a timely and thorough basis. With decades of experience in the area of first-party claims, we bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to addressing our clients’ specific claims-handling needs.

Expert at taking examinations under oath in a wide variety of claims, we provide a comprehensive menu of claims-handling services and, in the process, bring a number of specific skills to the table — skills that make each attorney within Berger Kahn’s Examination Under Oath Practice Group extremely well-suited for the particular types of claims he or she handles.

Our approach to optimal client representation emphasizes the following:

Working in partnership with clients. Experience dictates that most insurance carriers have varying objectives and concerns. We customize our legal plans accordingly, work closely with other Berger Kahn attorneys who specialize in related practice areas, and keep our clients constantly informed.

• Applying specialized expertise. Many of our attorneys who specialize in arson claims have to their credit certification classes provided through the State Fire Marshal’s Office. Many of our other examination under oath attorneys have equally specific skills to their credit — such as a CPA degree, a degree in automobile science or the ability to speak as many as four languages.

• Taking a detail-oriented approach. We have the wherewithal to take comprehensive and complete statements and to advise clients in a prompt and thorough manner.

• Providing the right guidance. Because most of us also represent insurance carriers in the defense of bad faith actions, we are particularly aware of how examinations under oath should be handled and — just as importantly — what steps to avoid.

Ever at the forefront of issues and answers pertaining to the insurance industry, we are actively involved with special organizations pertaining to our areas of practice — including fraud. Well-versed in first-party claims issues and dedicated to serving the insurance industry, we often are asked to lecture before major insurance groups on a variety of insurance-related topics.