Commercial Debt Collections

Berger Kahn has more than 20 years of commercial debt collection experience, helping business clients and collection agencies recover unpaid money owed to them.

We provide aggressive and cost-effective commercial collection services to a wide variety of business clients, including major insurance carriers, manufacturers, collection agencies, financial institutions, automobile dealerships, corporate landlords, retail companies, and other corporate clients.

Our debt collection attorneys are experienced negotiators, mediators and trial attorneys. From issuing demand letters, recording mechanic liens, and obtaining pre-judgment writs of attachment, to representing clients in court, we are dedicated to seeing the repayment of debts owed to our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible so they can focus on what they do best. When the threat of legal action is not enough, our trial lawyers will file suit to obtain a judgment, and follow through with liens, garnishments and other enforcement remedies to obtain every dollar that our clients are entitled to under the law.