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June 2013 – There Is No Liability For Providing Alcohol

(filed under: Key Decisions Archive | June 21, 2013)

There Is No Liability For Providing Alcohol

Rybicki v. Carlson
(Cal. Ct. of App., 2d Dist.), filed May 22, 2013

Garrett Shoemaker hosted a party where several guests were drinking. Guests drank alcohol that Shoemaker provided and alcohol the guests had purchased.

After the party, several guests got into a car and one of them was driving. At around 7:15 a.m., they hit Adam Rybicki who was riding his bicycle. At the time, the car was driving on the wrong side of the road. Rybicki was seriously injured.

Rybicki and his wife sued the guests and Shoemaker.

Several non-driving guests successfully demurred to the complaint. Furnishing alcohol to a person who drives negligently and injures another is not a proximate cause of an injury resulting from its consumption.